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Nearly 100 Domains build, deploy, and run web apps using our products.


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What is it like working at SIPUES?


The place2pay Family


We’re a small software company, focusing on three popular and profitable web products: OpenCart, Magento, and Custom HTML/PHP Code. If you've ever wondered what it’s like to build and grow products for yourself, this is the place. We use our own services every day to be more productive in our work.

We’re like a family. Most of us work out of our office in Orlando, FL, and others spread from Colombia to India. We value quiet time, beautiful design, and clean code. We take our work very seriously and expect each person to be self-motivated. Of course, we also have a lot of fun. 



Do we share the same values?  


           These are the values we live by. They help us define our vision, our decisions, and the way we communicate.


1) SIPUES is product agnostic. We exist to support our customers (internal/external).

2) As individuals, we are self-motivated and constantly improving our craft.

3) As a team, we support each other to do the work of our lives.

4) We expect great things from ourselves. You should expect the same from everyone in our team.

5) We are driven by one metric: our customer’s success.

6) Be respectful, natural and transparent in communication.

7) Most things can wait. Be patient, stay calm, go home. Tomorrow, you will find a solution.

8) The best work ideas happen in peace and quiet (or when you are not around a computer).

9) Be practical. The best decisions consider time, resources and mutual acceptance.

10) Don’t be an asshole.



We care about your quality of life.

  •  4 Day Work Week.  
  •   Attend Virtual Trainings.
  •  Support Time Off to learn new skills

You, anywhere.

We’ve been doing the “remote thing” for 10 years. About half of the team works out of our Orlando home office, with the rest spread around the globe. Our culture, communication process and strategy is specifically tailored around a remote team.

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  • Chris Nagele
  • Chris Nagele